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When you purchase any of our items we will donate from that sale to a Non-Profit organization or Children's Hospital as Part of our We Support project.
Becoming one of the leading production-driven companies is an everyday challenge to look for up-to-date ways to serve our fans, subscribers, customers, and sponsors. Purchasing our unique product line represents renowned American author Don S. McClure's creative ideas as quickly and efficiently as possible.

On our website or by phone, we have selected four ways to pay: Starting with Zelle for those who enjoy the benefits of this fast-growing service at almost any bank in the U.S. And we use  Zelle another fast way of paying without giving out some much information. And we use Paypal for those who enjoy the convenience of what Paypal offers their customers. 

Finally, for those who enjoy a human voice, you can dial our customer service number and place your order right over the phone.  By dialing   347 455 7717

Four ways to pay and purchase for our Subscribers and Customers who enjoy the creative works of renowned American Author Don S. McClure, and don't forget, soon, you will be able to view our productions on your large screen tv. our new (THE DSM TV.Net)

So call  347 455 7717  to get more information today,
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