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The date of June 22 is unique in many ways.
It sets a standard in the pages of history that the definite purpose of commitment and courage can be the keys to satisfaction in life. So I am asking all of my friends and associates to join in and help me celebrate what marks 11 years of Progress with many of my project visions.  

I started my journey of becoming a renowned Author in 2009 with my first book, my true life autobiography, "Broken Wings Fallen Angels, and through the efforts of my agent in California, my book "Romantic Images of you, Where My Heart Belongs" placed me on the top 100 list of highest-paid authors in America. 

In my 11 years, I have written and published over 18 books on the market. 

Now I am working on having my own Streaming TV app to move to the next stage of progression in my industry. 

Named " The DSM TV. Net"

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I hope you help celebrate my 11 years and beyond.
Don S. McClure Renowned American Author