1.  I love Being A Butterfly A world of new Adventure 

2. To Have A Friend One of the Best Crime Thrillers

3. My Sister Tiaunna A Spy Thriller Unmatched

4. The Gods and the beginning of life

5. I Love Writing A Fun Love Story

6. Yolanda A Story of Faith

7. The Book of Inspiration A Mind at Peace

8. Bass Reeves First Black U.S. Deputy Marshal 1875

9. What Price Freedom Yesterday Today Tomorrow

10. Dark side of The Earth Demons and Angels at First Glance                                  

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11. Beyond Dreams 9 On The Field

12. Romantic Images of You Where my Heart Belongs

13. Santa Claus VS The Aliens A Christmas Wish

14. Santa Claus and the Robot Wars The Joys of Christmas

15. Santa Claus Vs The Aliens Coloring Book

16. Santa Claus Vs The Ice Soldiers Bring Christmas Home

17. Broken Wings Fallen Angels - True Life Story

New Release Coming Raziel Rage of the Demons

New Release Coming The Blue Rose Saving Vivaldi

New Release Coming Dick Glass-Black Outlaw - Stolen Horses, Whiskey & Cattle

Verious Books
Our Children Adventure Series 
Created by Don S. McClure

Santa Claus Vs The Ice Soldiers 
Bring Christmas Home
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