In this thriller McClure focuses on the maneuvers of international crime boss Joey Fanez. 

In Chicago a high level group of organized crime figures are in a heated discussion with one of its young elite.  

The topic of discussion is the importing of illegal diamonds and drugs into the United States. 

The group has found what seems to be an ironclad method of bringing the items they want from several European countries and as far away as Africa if they can convince Joey who is the youngest crime leader in America, at this moment, to make an offer to his best friend into becoming involved and use the successful business his wife and he have built as the vehicle for their plan. 

This explosive issue concerns Joey's best friend the man he went to school with the same man who he was best man at his wedding and now serves as godfather to his best friend’s only daughter. 

But first they must get Joey to agree he will present the offer to his friend and get the friend and his family involved. 

Joey is the brilliant and fascinating underworld figure every prosecutor, law official, politician and other rising crime figures love to hate. It is up to him to keep his friend and his friend’s family safe and un-involved in this plan that he knows will destroy everything the loving couple have worked so hard to build.

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