My Sister Tiaunna was created by renowned American author, Don S. McClure. 

The story centers around the lives of three sisters and one courageous daughter who is willing to fight for the very life of each. 

The sisters are identical triplets, which makes this tale of intrigue so unusual because this situation occurs only once in every 500,000 births. 

Those same odds makes this tale of adventure more than the human imagination can accept as fiction, making each page feel real. 

The event opens when the middle sister, Tiara, has the misfortune of being misidentified as Trajan, the top espionage operative for the U.S. Tiara is captured in the South Hamgyong Province of North Korea while on an assignment to take photos of one of the most beautiful hotels there, at the request of the wife of the President of North Korea. 

Trajan, who is the youngest sister in this set of identical triplets, is the leading female agent in the world of clandestine affairs, working for the group known as La Nava, who are considered more dangerous than the CIA, MI6, MI5, or the KGB, and capable of getting the results the United States needs in the war against terrorism. Her code name is Malaiensis, which means Black Eagle. 

The events in the lives of these three sisters, through the eyes of a daughter, will have you wondering about your life, and how far into the world of danger you are willing to venture for a family member of your own.

 McClure left nothing out of this story when it came to excitement. 

My Sister Tiaunna will leave you mesmerized up to the last page.
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