THE BOOK OF INSPIRATION, A MIND AT PEACE, offers solid hope and comfort for times when you are faced with doubt, depression, frustration and disappointment. It will allow you to find joy and peace in your daily life.

The Book of Inspiration begins as a story told in alternating sections between poems, words, and photographs. 

The photographic images captured by Renowned American Author Don S. McClure while traveling from city to city and state to state makes this wonderful journey of enlightenment one worth sharing with the general public.

You will find his words enduring as he attacks the very thoughts of fulfillment or hardship and sometimes loneliness. 

While always bringing his thoughts back to the joys of looking at the beauty of life all around us; which seems to be easily overlooked by us. 

His concept of peace built from within is astonishing as you read page after page finding peace in your mind. 

He extracts wisdom from his journey of life presented to him through words and images. 

These experiences are now accessible for your meditations and to serve as a guide for you to respond with renewed faith in self.

His desire is to spark a fresh optimism for facing a new day, a new week, a new month and a new year. 

His words will show you how to trust in your promises to yourself. 

The Book of Inspiration A Mind At Peace
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