Santa Claus & The Robot Wars, The Joys of Christmas The leader of the Robot planet isn't a scrooge, but the Christmas Eve tradition of children celebrating Christmas annoys him. 

Christmas doesn't belong on his planet or any part of the universe he controls.  

The Lord Emperor Tazar thinks the only thing children should do is work in the robot factory, building more robots for war so that he can keep control of all those who live on his planet. 

Aramis, the beautiful little girl who sent Santa a letter last year requesting that he bring a complete Christmas to her planet, wants Santa to bring Christmas and the spirit of Christmas to other planets, especially those where there are a lot of children. 

Our story opens with little Aramis asking Santa to go to the Planet of the Lord Emperor Tazar and make him let the children enjoy Christmas and stop working so hard in the robot factory. 

Santa Claus and the Robot Wars, the Joys of Christmas is another fantastic and fascinating story created by Author Don S. McClure from his first book in the series, Santa Claus vs. The Aliens, A Christmas Wish. 

But this time, Santa won’t have such an easy time as he did in the last adventure, convincing those who never enjoyed Christmas or heard of a man in a red suit.

In fact, this time Santa won’t use his famous reindeers for the trip into outer space. He will lead the charge on his magic white Polar Bears, and Santa will be assisted by his other magical characters the Chocolate Frosties, who are made of Chocolate and Ice. 

I'm sure you will want to know what happens when Santa faces The Lord Emperor Tazar leader of the Robot Planet.

Oh and let’s not forget the Postman and his favorite girl, who everyone calls ( K.K.) for short, but her real name is Krystal Katherine Magic.

They are always a special part of the adventures of Christmas.

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