I Love Writing A Fun Love Story: Is an American love story by Renowned Author
 Don S. McClure.  

“This is such a wholesome reflection of feelings and a great love story

This story is all about love, friendship, and determination, but I think it proves that in real life, love conquers all as well. 

Funny and strangely romantic. 

I Love Writing A Fun Love Story brings together two people who make a significant impact on the lives of others while finding ways to be secure in who they are as individuals.  

Jason Marcellus De Witt, one of the up and coming rising stars in the world of publishing, who now holds the position as one of the top 100 highest paid Authors in America has found the love of his life by accident. 

The girl he never expected to meet is the beautiful, hardworking track coach for an  all-girls High School track team named the Olympians. 

Her name is Juliana Samantha Marguerite Connors, but everyone calls her "Sam"   
for short. 

The two meet while Jason is followed by a security team appointed by Nicholas Duval world famous publisher and one of the most powerful and wealthiest publishers in the world. 

Of course, Jason has no knowledge that he has a seven men Security team appointed to protect him at all cost and that is where the chase and the fun start. As Jason tries to elude them while running between the two cities. 

Not to mention he evolves his best friend in this fast paced adventure. 

The Story is set with undertones of two cities, one being Chicago, where Jason is born and works for the Duval Publishing Company located on Michigan Ave, better known as the Magnificent Mile.

And the other is Indianapolis, Indiana, which features the downtown restaurants and five star hotels where (Sam) works part-time. 

What could be just a romantic encounter becomes a well-paced, and thoughtful love story capable of leaving you with tears in your eyes and a lot of laughter in your heart.

 Join the excitement and adventure of this unique and funny love story. 

You just might fall in love all over again.

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