The Gods and the Beginning of Life, Don S. McClure’s epic adventure about the gods, is one exciting book release. 

This book is one of the most exciting fiction novels to come along in years written by this prolific writer. 

In it, he expresses his views on how mankind became the way it is today. McClure brings to life the story of the first gods, long before the stories of Homer and Mount Olympus or Zeus, or any of the gods long before the Titans. 

Long before Hector and Achilles or the god Apollo. 

This was the time when the gods were formed, and there was not one god who had more power than another. 

They possessed only cunning to survive and the wherewithal to understand that they would either stand or fall. 

McClure’s work features his  two main characters from his second book, Romantic Images of You: Where My Heart Belongs, David Stuart and Tiaunna.

The loving couple finds themselves caught in a world of information and knowledge, as they hope one day they will be able to share this information and better understand mankind and its actions. 

The book’s introduction opens like a powerful motion picture:

“There are many stories of how man conceived all of his human ways and instincts. 

Some say he was born decent, with morals and character.

“Some say that from the time he was created there was no good in him at all. 

Just some small reflections of right or wrong and the desire to become the only power on earth, being judged by no one. 

“But I once spent seven days on the road with the woman I loved in the summer of 2001 crossing the Great Northern Plains, where I found the basis for what I learned about man and his beginning.  

“My name is David Stuart, and this woman of amazing beauty sleeping next to me in the front seat of our jeep is Tiaunna. This is our story.” 

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Don S. McClure has truly found his life’s passion—writing—after the successful completion of his personal biography, Broken Wings Fallen Angels, and his second book, Romantic Images of You: Where My Heart Belongs. 

McClure hopes you will enjoy this epic adventure set in the open spaces of South Dakota’s Black Hills and the world-famous Badlands. 

Perhaps you will find yourself caught between the words and images of his writing. 

You will enjoy this masterpiece as well as some of the most beautiful photographic images the world has ever seen in one publication.

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