This amazing story, Santa Claus vs. The Aliens: A Christmas Wish, written by Don S. McClure from Chicago, Illinois, truly brings to life a Christmas story that old and young alike will enjoy for years to come. 

This story will bring you, the reader, to a level of amazement as you experience the pure magic and moral values in the pages of this fascinating adventure story. 

Only once in our lifetime does an author capture the essence of life and combine it with the issues of everyday living to share the very meaning of the Christmas season as well as Don S. McClure has with this masterpiece. 

The characters will entertain and amaze you. 

The story of a little girl’s wish to end the wars on her planet—which Santa has never been to and whose people have never heard of Christmas or the man in the red suit—will make you enjoy this classic version of a Christmas tale, which is unlike any other you have ever read before. 

This release of Santa Claus VS The Aliens, A Christmas Wish, will win the hearts and minds of all who read it, and surely will become a must-share with family and friends, year after year, as one of the great holiday tales of all times.

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