In this book I will talk about many of the decisions I have made in life and the outcome of each. It is about reflections, the roads I have traveled, the people I have become friends with, the acquaintances that were made, the bonds that were built along the way and the relation- ships that were broken. It is the story of the love that came from my family through all of my missteps, no matter how far I ventured off the path set for me at birth. 

I will share with you my personal relationship with God and His purpose for my life at its current position. I realize, though, that His purpose is filtered through my own decisions, because He truly gives us the gift of choice. As you travel through these pages, I will reveal to you my issues of self-determination and how I discovered what it is I wanted out of life. Equally important are the dreams and aspirations that took me there. It is also the story of the examination of the commitment to purpose that drove me to succeed, and the betrayal of good decisions that brought me down to my lowest points. 

The issues of diversity, cultural bias and the racism I faced in my personal as well as corporate life also play a strong role in this tale. You will become aware of the trials and tribulations that filled many days, months and years on my road to successful realization of the value of my creative talent and the gifts God has given me in order to become triumphant.

From my birth to my adventures you will pass through various doors with many names, dates and places. The results will be amazing at some moments, while in the next there will be sadness and pain. Through it all, I can only hope you find your own self-value. But this much I do know, in the end you can only become what you have inside. 

"My road to recovery will not be as long as my fall from grace."
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