Introduction - What Price Freedom Yesterday -Today - Tomorrow

I once wrote the very foundation of thought inside of a man is the word freedom.  

It is the one feeling given to man by God that drives him to seek individualism, through his first encounter of fulfillment.  

The special moment in time where his life will begin or end.

Releasing him from the protective walls filled with a unique amniotic fluid where he lives inside his mother’s womb. 

Within his first cries for life he realizes from that moment on, he is free.  

And that it was his choice to begin his new journey in life.

Knowing he has fought the good fight to survive into a world, sometimes filled with chaos, while with other moments true love will bring kindness and victory. 

 He is now free and with age he realizes and begins to understand that he and he alone can controls his own destiny.  

Once he enters the world leaving the very inner surroundings of his mother warm place of birth. 

He will search to separate the difference between moral freedom and freedom of choice. His guidance of moral freedom will be directed by his understanding that God created all men equal no matter the issues of race, creed or color.

The freedom to build a good life based on his ideals that what a man dreams of, builds through hard work, and never takes for granted, that life and freedom are the two most precious gifts any person can obtain.

He knows that God gave him a mind to create wonderful achievements that will surely continue to transform his life.  

His belief that freedom is his God-given right to life, one that he will not forsake, that one thought, that one feeling, that one desire to always remain an individual that was born free. 

He will fight for his value and understanding of the word Freedom with the unwelcome idea that his life may be taken by those who refuse to believe that he has a God-given right to be free in this world.
Written By Renowned American Author Don S. McClure