Through the eyes of Renowned American Author Don S. McClure
we take you through his photographic journey across Indianapolis and other cities in search of diversity and beauty in what he calls undiscovered territory.  

" I believe the human mind is affected by the surroundings he is subjected to on a daily bases". 

"What a man has as a daily vision is what he believes to be his destiny." 

                                                                                                                          Renowned American Author Don S. McClure
THE ART OF INDY 2018 - 2019
​Cover Design for the Book of Inspiration A MInd at Peace. 

Photographic Image Indianapolis Side Walk View Downtown Indy
Architecture & Diversity
Don S. McClure
November 1- December 6

Over a two-year exploration of downtown Indianapolis, author and artist Don S. McClure has developed a photography series capturing cultural structures combined with everyday moments and invites the viewer to take an extra look at the community that surrounds them.

McClure's "moods" - has a spiritual appreciation for what is right in the world reflect what people see in their own communities.

For Release Information:
The Explosive World Premier Youtube Video released on Friday, November 29, at 2:00 PM, featuring the fantastic images captured by Don S. McClure Renowned American Author and Mix media Artist exhibition event. The presentation display inside the beautiful Indianapolis Arts Garden owned and operated by Arts Council of Indianapolis, Indiana. Housed in white 8 ft high cases with locked glass doors. The featured slim case contains the actual book designed for the exhibit along with the small silver Nokia Cell phone used during the two-year exploration by McClure to capture these fantastic images of mixed media and photography. Taken with 3.1 Megapixel lens.

Background images of viewing public captured by Karen Gaston, assistant for display setup, representing Don S. McClure

The Background Soundtrack selected:                          by Don S. McClure

Music by: Pondtunez - "Come Into Focus"

Description of sound: Female Vocals, new age, power ballad, tragic, enchanting, melodramatic, somber, heartfelt, ethereal, seductive, bitter-sweet, sentimental, sensitive, sincere. ble click here to add text.