Welcome to our world of Services For Publishing & Consultation
We strive to make the process simple for new authors and those who want stronger marketing of their book or product on the world wide web and to the general public.

Any project or any book is only as good as the foundation it was created on, and that requires a good story idea or theme. It will not matter if it is a poem or romantic novel or just a "How-To" book filled with answers to make your project flow smoothly. Or that inspirational book you dream of creating. 

There are keys to successful writing and publishing. And that is where we come in with our services, and a worldwide team of associates that can provide you with outstanding services for your project.

Publishing under DSM

1. Key Project Consultation Services

2. Production evaluation

3. Cover Image development for a website

4. Associate Illustration for the storyline

5. Trailer development for YouTube presentation. Sight and Sound

6. Marketing strategies ( 6) MONTH RENEWABLE

7. Publishing under the DSM Publication Brand


9. 10 printed copies of your work as author copies

10. 3 assigned Author Book events local and surrounding areas.
Total Cost: $1,850.00 Payable in 3  or 4 Payments

Regular Individual Consultation rates for individual projects 
$ 65.00 Per Hour 3 hour minimum Total $200.00 Per three-hour session.


Website & Consultation.

Regular Consultation only Marketing Development of projects and Promotion $1,499.00 Six Month Package. One Trailer included development for YouTube presentation. Sight and Sound. Website creation included in six months special $1,850..00

Hosting available for One year, with our 5 Star selected company.

This fee is separate from other fees: Hosting $69.95 Per Month One-year agreement. 

$75.00 Fee for additional .com .net .org as Considered protection additional fee.

Individual Consultation Session Training rates for (How To Write and Create a Book) $1,199.00 Six months of sessions.