Children Stories Written and Produced By
Renowned American Author Don S. McClure
Santa Claus Vs. The Ice Soldiers Bring Joy & Love is a literary fictional fairy tale by Renowned American Author Don S. McClure sharing the continued adventures of Krystal Katherine Magic, better know as K.K. to her friends, the proud owner of her own unique bakery shop. 

Where she makes machine guns out of Ice cream that shoot fruit Cake bullets that make the Aliens and others, like the Ice Soldiers turn into happy individuals, just as she did to the Lord Emperor Tazar, leader of the Robot armies? 

In that adventure, she leads her squadrons of Battle Sleds to victory. While driving her very own Star Ship, the" U.S.S. K.K." where she saved her boyfriend. The talented and gifted Postman from danger, who reads all the letters from children sent to Santa Claus arriving at the post office on the North Pole. 

This story begins from a letter sent by children and parents who have not been able to enjoy what was told to them from a family friend about Christmas joy, something they have never experienced, because of the terrible and mean Ice Soldiers. Who has been trying for years to melt the entire planet where the children live so there will never be any joy, only hot days and nights and or course no loving thoughts? 

Once the letter is received from outer space by the Postman, he presents it to Santa, sharing with him their particular request. Santa, The Postman, and Krystal Katherine Magic swing into gear and gather all the Battle Sled fighters, along with others who will help in the fight to bring joy and love to the icy cold planet, and make the wishes of the children and their families come true. 

McClure brings this story to life with his vivid imagination and love for moral values between families and friends. He believes people should get along and make where they live a better place. 

This adventure will amaze you as you read and share page after page of "Santa Claus Vs. The Ice Soldiers Bring Joy and Love." 

The question is, can this crew of adventurers save the planet before it melts before Christmas day? 

You will just have to read it and find out.

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