Renowned American Author, Don S. McClure, believes that through the art of storytelling,                                            many individuals facing issues in life can find the courage and strength to continue the fight. 

To make their place in the world as they see it, more significant, through faith. 

This unique story, I Love Being A Butterfly, A New World of Adventure is based on the fact that once, a new friendship begins. No matter what happens in the days that follow, there will be an everlasting bond that will not be broken when that friendship is sincere.

 The story brings to life the desire of one friend who has the hope to live forever in some form and only has 115 days to live. The other friend is a young woman, who starts her day like any other, with joy in her life, but is faced with the reckless driving behavior of another individual.

 Placing her in a life-threatening accident, as he runs a stop sign. More precisely, it is the story of one human being who needs to find her courage to rebuild her life, to believe that all is not lost. Restoring the young woman's faith will not be easy during this adventure, or shall I say, the quest for eternal life and purpose. The story contains the themes of danger, hope, and personal loss combined with the understanding of true love. 

These three butterflies that are different become best friends and work together as one group. One is a blue morpho, the other a royal monarch, and the third is a beautiful black butterfly. The butterflies create bonds of respect and love for each other as they help Rita find the healing waters of the Sierra Mountains during their adventure. "I Love Being A Butterfly – A New World of Adventure" shares the belief that everyone's life is exceptional and has a great purpose.