Introduction - Beyond Dreams - 9 On the Field

What I am about to tell you is almost like a dream and maybe some issues you might find hard to believe. In fact, you may not believe this story at all. Why would you believe anything that you read in this entire story about my life, and what happened to me in the early years after I was born to my last days in high school before graduation?

I guess after these few short lines of introduction that you have read so far, you are scratching your head or maybe even talking with a friend about my name, Sierra Leon Winston. And the title of my story, Beyond Dreams 9 on the Field, which is the story of how I became one of the best female pitchers in the history of high school baseball.

But, I can assure you this story is only one of a million stories just like it in the world today. 

Yes, it is a story about a young woman who finds the incredible courage inside herself when all the odds are stacked against her from the very day she was born. Well, like all remarkable stories that contain part truth, part fiction, and a lot of love and determination, I will start at the very beginning, and not keep you in suspense any longer.

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Renowned American Author Don S. McClure created this incredible story of two talented young ladies who, because of their separate life challenges since birth, fight their way to the top of their field while growing up to make their dreams a reality.

One girl will bring total victory for those like her. She is living with an impairment that costs her 90% of sight.

Her name is Sierra Leone Winston, and she will force the world to understand and respect her as a whole human being who just happens to be different from birth.

She will become one of the best female pitchers in the high school public baseball series. Our story includes the courageous views of Sierra's two loving parents who are willing to face the world and all its ugly perceptions of their child, who was born with an affliction, or disease, of her eyes through no fault of either parent.

She was the child that God blessed them with to care for, guide through life, and shield from the unacceptance of those who saw her as a child with a handicap. Many felt she would not be able to cope in society or compete with those who were considered normal children in the educational system or in life itself.

Amaryllis Martinez is the second young female pitcher who is determined to change the way girls are viewed based on their countries of origin. Her desire to become the best in this field could bring substantial changes to education and sports in her country of Cuba and could improve the value of young women in baseball worldwide. She has made one of her dreams a reality becoming ranked as one of the best in baseball in the Catholic League Division. Amaryllis is one of the top five ranked pitchers in high school history. 

In this unique story, you will learn the value of true friendship in each of their lives, from their parents to their communities, schools, close friends, and teammates.