This is the amazing story of two young ladies who because of their own life challenges from birth find a way to make their dreams a reality.  

One will bring total victory for those living with an impairment that cost her 90% of sight but she makes the world understand she is still a whole person. 

 The second is a determined individual who feels she must change the way women are viewed based on her country of origin. 

 Her desires of becoming the best in this field can bring great changes to education and sports in her country and bring greater values for young women.  

It is also the courageous story of two loving parents who have to face the world and all of its ugly perceptions about their child who was born with an affliction or a disease in the eyes of some through no fault of their own. 

 Yet this was the child that they were blessed with and God selected them to care and guide her through life and protect her from the nonacceptance of those who saw her as a child with a handy cap. 

A child who would be seen by many as not being able to cope or compete with regular children in a regular setting in education or life itself.

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